Aurelia Environmental Ltd (Aurelia) is a newly formed marine environmental consultancy based in Edinburgh, providing specialist support to offshore industry. With a wealth experience working on projects both in the UK and internationally, Aurelia consultants are well placed to provide comprehensive environmental support to exploration and appraisal drilling and other oil and gas projects. We have particular expertise in the provision of:
  • Environmental impact assessments (including consultation with statutory bodies and other stakeholders).
  • PON 15 applications including consent to locate and wildlife disturbance applications.
  • Environmental Emissions Monitoring System (EEMS) reporting.
  • Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (OPEP).
  • PON 14A applications, including environmental assessment.
  • Advice on JNCC seismic survey guidelines and use of marine mammal observers.
  • Habitat assessment - design and review of survey scopes and reports.
  • Licensing round applications.
  • Environmental Management System (EMS) support.
Aurelia’s core experience is focused around providing consenting support to exploration and appraisal drilling operations across the UK sector. As part of this, Aurelia’s staff have been heavily involved in all aspects of the environmental consenting and reporting processes for a range of drilling projects located in the North Sea and to the west of Shetland. Through this experience, Aurelia has developed excellent working relationships with regulatory authorities, operators and service providers.

Our strong ecological background and extensive knowledge of the impacts associated with offshore developments also means we can provide general ad hoc support and advice for offshore oil and gas and other marine energy projects. Aurelia consultants also have experience of providing support to national conservation agencies in intertidal survey and monitoring.

Finally, Aurelia’s flexible set up allows us to provide specific solutions and dedicated support tailored to your needs, ensuring all legislative and project deadlines are met. To find out what we can do for you, please write to